Alpha Update 24: September 28th 2020

Highlights for Version 1.0.157

  • The Core Quest system is now Live!

    • Players will now receive Daily Quests to earn XP, level up, and gain rewards.
    • Different pools of quests exist for levels 1-10, 11-20, and 21+.
    • Mounts, characters, and profile pics are all available as rewards on the way to the current level cap of 50. Who will be the first to get them all?
  • We've fixed the issues with the Play-Mode Profiler and re-enabled it in this patch, thanks everyone for the reports and sorry for the inconvenience!


  • GAME AFFECTING CHANGE - Previously, spawn points had an unintended behavior where the player would inherit the scale of the spawn point they came from. This behavior has been removed and replaced with a field called "Player Scale Multiplier" on spawn points. If you were previously relying on the spawn point scale to scale your players, you will need to update your game to use the new field.
  • New: Add a CPU profiler to the Hierarchy. You can enable it by clicking the button next to the filter button. This allows creators to easily see the CPU performance impact of everything in their hierarchy in real time.


  • New: Avatar items that you get will show a badge on menus and a "New" tag in the "Customize" options until you click on them.
  • New: Play-mode Profiler now includes time breakdown of Lua scripts running in scene.


  • New: Storage improvements:
    • Loading game definitions is 3x faster.
    • Saving for preview is 8x faster.
    • Autosave is 3x faster.
    • Regular save is 2x faster.
    • Storage go brrrr!
  • Fix: Outline Objects now properly disable when made invisible.
  • Fix: Avoid issue where preview client errors during startup (such as script compilation errors) don't appear in the editor event log.
  • Fix: Weapons no longer continue to fire after their owner dies. That was weird, huh.
  • Fix: Changes to networked String custom properties that only involve capitalization will now replicate to clients.
  • Fix: Corrected normal blending issue with non-distorted water.
  • Fix: "Could not update player storage data. Invalid Player." warning in multiplayer preview.
  • Fix: Player would get destroyed when going outside world bounds. (Thanks to everyone who reported this!)
  • Change: Editor will now select new objects after a "Duplicate" operation.
  • Change: Increment/decrement hotkeys are now only square brackets, and are applied to whichever manipulator is active: translation/rotation/scale. Previously, you'd hold CTRL or SHIFT, to snap rotation/scaling.
  • Change: Vignette's default intensity increased from 0.4 to 0.6.


  • New: You can now call CoreObject:Destroy() within a Static Context.
    • This behaves as the counterpart to World.SpawnAsset() and opens the door to new building possibilities.
    • The primary advantage this provides is that objects within a static context don't use any networking at all. In both cases (Spawn and Destroy), the script itself must be within the Static Context, and thus will run on both the server and each client.
    • This is an advanced feature. You will need your script to run in a way that it has identical behavior on both client and server, and this will allow you to make dynamic things of significant complexity without the large cost of networked objects.
  • New: The Player:Respawn() function now takes an optional table of entries (with keys position, rotation, scale) for specifying the position, rotation and scale of the player when respawning.
  • Fix: Networked CoreObjectReference custom properties no longer incorrectly return nil when not assigned.
  • Fix: CoreObject:GetCustomProperty() returned the wrong value when two networked properties had the same names with different capitalization.

Core Content

  • Fix: Corrected the name of "Foodstep Brick 01 SFX" to "Footstep Brick 01 SFX". Don't play with your food, kids. (Thanks HAndLol!)


New Props

  • Container - Rectangle
  • Container - Rectangle Thick 01
  • Container - Rectangle Thin 01
  • Container - Square 01
  • Container - Square Thick 01
  • Container - Square Thin 01
  • Container - Trapezoid 01
  • Container - Trapezoid Thick 01
  • Container - Trapezoid Thin 01
  • Cube - Arched
  • O-Bracket
  • Plane Circle - One Sided
  • Plane Hexagon - One Sided
  • Plane Kite - One Sided
  • Plane Octagon - One Sided
  • Plane Pentagon - One Sided
  • Plane Ring - One Sided
  • Plane Ring - One Sided Thin
  • Plane Ring - One Sided Thick
  • Plane Trapezoid - One Sided
  • Plane Trapezoid - One Sided Right
  • Plane Triangle - One Sided Isosceles
  • Plane Triangle - One Sided Right
  • Plane Triangle - One Sided Convex
  • Prism - 4-Sided Kite
  • Prism - 4-Sided Trapezoid Right
  • Prism - 3-Sided Convex

New Music

  • "Tense Desolate Horror Wasteland" Music Construction Kit (Sections) 01
  • "Tense Desolate Horror Wasteland" Music Construction Kit (Layers) 01
  • "Halloween Hunt" Music Music Construction Kit (Sections) 01
  • "Mega Spooky EDM Party" Music Construction Kit (Sections) 01
  • "Spooky Quirky Mischief" Music Construction Kit (Sections) 01
  • "Skeleton Rave" Music Construction Kit (Sections) 01

New Instruments

  • "Harpsichord" Sampled Instrument 01 SFX
  • "Creepy Horror Piano" Sampled Instrument 01 SFX
  • "Xylophone" Sampled Instrument 01 SFX
  • "Music Box" Sampled Instrument 01 SFX

New Stingers

  • "Horror Waterphone" Music Stingers Set 01
  • "Horror Prepared Piano" Music Stingers Set 01
  • "Cheesy Spooky Theremin" Music Stingers Set 01
  • "Tense Desolate Horror Wasteland" Music Stingers Set 01

Wide boi is going to be a feature :smiley:


I can't wait for fast saves and quest system!


So many epic updated, wow!


super excited to utilize the new assets for halloween themed creation!



lol yay

what are the world bounds?

seems small but this is huge! Thank you!!


Awesome release everyone! Thank you :slight_smile:


Will there ever be a way for us to make custom loading systems, or loading bar.
Also set certain items to load in before other things.
Like UI loads before map.


LET'S GO MORE COSMETICSS! And halloween assets?! YESSSS