Alpha Update 21: August 19th 2020

Highlights for Version 1.0.151

  • Core's foundations have been upgraded to Unreal Engine 4.24. You can read more about their release on the Unreal Engine blog.
  • Terrain Foliage Collision, read more below.
  • Storage refactor: The structure of Core maps has been refactored to be clearer. Old maps will be migrated when they are opened. If you are using source control, it's recommended that you commit your changes before upgrading.


  • New: Foliage now has an "Enable Collision" option to allow spawning foliage with collision:
    • The default for this is OFF and will not affect any pre-existing foliage.
    • Please keep in mind that turning collision on will have an impact on game performance.
  • New: Play-Mode profiler, see the documentation for all the details.
  • Fix: An issue where networked proxies failed to update their hierarchical collision properties due to an initialization order issue.
  • Fix: Crash on attempting to reparent spawned objects in the hierarchy during Preview mode.
  • Fix: Founder's Packs page does not load when the Shop is opened immediately after launching the client.
  • Fix: Several editor trigger collision issue.
  • New: Add local texture cache for faster image loading.
  • Change: Label for "Top Games" category now says "Most Played".
  • Fix: The Store was showing white empty textures for some items.
  • Fix: A problem where client could be logged out early after following "Play" links from the web.
  • Fix: A number of crashes related to async tasks while saving and loading.


  • Fix: The in-game emote/mount/character selector now blocks inputs from going to Lua.

Core Content

  • New: Three new fantasy NPC variants were added to the Core Catalog.

  • Fix: Typo for audio asset: "UI Scratchy Synth Negative Lock Deined Error 01 SFX" -> "UI Scratchy Synth Negative Lock Denied Error 01 SFX"

  • New: Decal Letters now has all letters from the alphabet.

  • Change: Adjusted default volume of damage and death character voice SFX to be more balanced with the other default player sounds and voices.

  • Change: Updated Piano Sampled Instrument 01 SFX:

    • New source sounds recorded from a Steinway & Sons Grand Piano with round-robin notes. (Each note has more than one sample when played).
    • Several velocity samples (light, medium, heavy) added as well for a more realistic and natural sounding piano. These are already built-in to the instrument asset and change depending on the "Velocity" parameter.
    • The following Velocity values will trigger these samples within the instrument asset:
      • 0 - 43 - Light Velocity Samples
      • 44 - 86 - Medium Velocity Samples
      • 87-127 - Heavy Velocity Samples
  • New: Added (Standard MIDI) "Velocity" parameter to control the instrument note strike/hit strength.

    • Velocity in this case is the force with which a note is played, and it is vitally important in making MIDI performances sound human.
    • Velocity generally affects note loudness, sound color, and timbre.
    • MIDI velocity range min/max is 0-127.
  • New: Added "Sustain" parameter to control how long the note is sustained.

  • New: Added "Release" parameter to control a special fade that occurs when a note is "released" or stopped after the sustain duration is completed.

  • Change: Bass Guitar Short Sampled Instrument 01 SFX default volume increased by 30%.

  • Change: Drum Kit Sampled Instrument 01 SFX default volume increased by 50%.

  • New: Added several music instruments to the catalog:

    • Tambourine Sampled Instrument 01 SFX
    • Recorder Sampled Instrument 01 SFX
    • Nylon Guitar Notes Sampled Instrument 01 SFX
    • Nylon Guitar Chords Sampled Instrument 01 SFX
    • Harp Plucked Notes Sampled Instrument 01 SFX
    • Frame Drum Sampled Instrument 01 SFX
    • Bouzouki Sampled Instrument 01 SFX
    • Flute Sampled Instrument 01 SFX
  • Fix: All third person frameworks now prevent cameras clipping through walls.

  • Fix: Progression in the D&D framework so XP resource won't go above max level required XP.

  • Fix: "Block" ability UI sometimes staying on screen when it is disabled in D&D framework.


Ooo more MIDI support! Lezzgo!

Also, whoever worked on the runtime profiler, I love you. :heart:

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I am very excited for the new profiler, and definitely looking forward to the usage of collision on foliage. It is also super exciting to hear that there has been an unreal engine update.

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