Alpha Update 19: July 21st 2020

Highlights for Version 1.0.143

Core's Social system is now live

  • Core now supports the ability to add friends, chat with them, and easily join them in games with a single click!
  • The Friends Panel is located on the right side of Core and is viewable from anywhere in the Core Browser.
  • To add new friends from the Core browser, click the "Add Friends" button at the top of the panel.
    • The "Add Friends" screen will show suggested friends, as well as any players you have recently played with.
    • You can also search for a friend by username. This must be an exact match.
    • Adding a friend will send them an invite that must be accepted by the recipient.
  • To chat with a friend, simply click on their username on the Friends Panel and the Chat Panel will expand to the left.
    • Messages can be sent to offline users as well, and they will be received when that user logs on.
  • Friend Chat can be received and sent in-game if chat is available.
    • Friend Chat can only be sent to users on your Friends list.
    • To send Friend Chat from in-game, type: /w or /whisper followed by the username and then the message.
      • Example: /w UserName Hi, how are you?.
    • You can click a friend's name in chat and select "Send Message".
    • You can also use /r and then enter to reply to the last person who sent you a message.
  • Friends on your list will display any game that they are currently playing. You can easily join them with one click by pressing "Join" next to their name!
    • If the game instance is full, it will place you in the next available instance.
  • There are also a number of settings available from the Friends Panel.
    • Please check them all out, but most notably: you can hide the game you are currently playing or appear offline if desired.

The Core Shop will be available soon

  • This patch includes the support for it, and it will be turned on in the near future.
  • The Core Shop has a variety of cosmetic items available for purchase to make your character and account shine!
  • Founder's Packs are a fantastic way to support Core's development while also getting access to the Radiant line of characters and mounts (exclusive to the Founder's Packs).
    • Radiant items have special visuals and effects that carry over into games that you play.
    • The Founder's packs also contain unique profile pictures and Core Credits to spend elsewhere in the Shop.
  • The Featured section contains items and bundles that will change over time.
    • The Shop currently has a Pre-Season set of items available for purchase.
    • Items in the Featured section are purchased with Core Credits.
  • Core Credits can be purchased via the 3rd tab in the Shop and are displayed in the upper right of the Core start page.


New Features

  • Cameras now have a "Position Offset Springs" option that enables offset cameras to not clip through walls.
  • Community content search results can now be sorted. You can now search within your own and a specific user's content.
  • Added "Manage Account" to the "Options" screen.
  • The script editor font size can now be adjusted with Ctrl-Scroll Up/Down or by right-clicking in the editor.


  • Template instances with invalid networking states are now shown in the editor and highlighted red instead of just being ignored.


  • Fixed a bug where a spawned trigger wouldn't report overlapping objects until it was moved.
  • Fixed an issue where the client could display a login screen when already logged in via the website.
  • Fixed a problem with some unlocked presets not showing up in the Avatar Editor.
  • Fixed a crash fix in the character editor.
  • Fixed a bug when grouping networked network contexts that contain template instances.
  • Fixed a bug with character effects in the customize screen.
  • Fixed a crash when exiting editor while generating thumbnails.
  • Fixed a crash that could happen when exiting a game.
  • Fixed a crash when an asset is deleted with the asset picker open.


New Features

  • Added static functions Color.FromStandardHex() and Color.FromLinearHex(), which take an sRGB or linear RGB hex string and returns the Color it represents.
  • Added member functions Color:ToStandardHex() and Color:ToLinearHex() which returns an sRGB or linear RGB hex string representing the color.
  • Note: ToStandardHex() and ToLinearHex() will clamp values outside their normal range, and some precision may be lost.


  • Fixed a bug with CoreObjectReference's equality operator, reported by Waffle.
  • Fixed script errors that can occur when stopping preview mode with players inside a trigger.

Core Content

New Features

  • Added 86 additional Fantasy architecture and prop templates to the catalog.
  • Introducing the Sci-fi Ship Collection:
    • 30 Pieces
    • 4 Templates
    • 22 Materials


  • Sci-fi Ship Collection (30 pieces)

Materials & Shaders

  • 3 Complex Sci-fi Panel Walls
  • 3 Simple Tech Panel Walls
  • 3 Abstract Tech Panel Walls
  • 3 Insulation Mats
  • 3 Greebles Mats
  • 6 Alpha Grates Mats
  • Energy Tube Glow Material
  • Electric Surface Material

UI Textures

  • Sci-fi Frames & Corners


  • Plasma Laser FX
  • Teleport FX
  • Charge Up FX
  • Glitchy Screen PP
  • Laser Beam FX
  • Multi Cast Beam FX
  • Warp Corridor FX


  • Fixed doors corruption issue in the Battle Royale framework.

Nice!! Super excited for Friends!