Alpha Update 16: June 9th 2020

Highlights for Version 1.0.139

  • Attention: On first launch of the editor, all thumbnails will be regenerated with new visual improvements, this might cause some stutter/lag and will only need to be done once.


New Features

  • Outline Object: Now supports rendering when behind other objects. Added ability to make object solid when obscured by another object.
  • Added controller mappings for mounting (top face button) and common reload configurations (right face button)
  • Improved visual quality on high DPI displays.


  • Added clipping so the "Custom Material" button doesn't overlap the "Revert to Default" button in properties.
  • The "Publish files were skipped" message box is now fixed size with a scrollbar to prevent it from becoming huge and going off-screen when a lot of files are involved.
  • Key bind presses to open the in-game picker for characters/mounts/emotes will toggle it closed if pressed again.
  • Fixed a crash when accessing custom properties on an object while it was in the process of being destroyed.
  • The "Projects" list now automatically refreshes when you change the "Saved Projects Location" in the settings.
  • Fixed a crash when loading a game containing a template with a bad networking state.
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes the sub-materials for the "Composite Mask Blend" Material could not be changed in the custom material editor.


  • Any place in the "Game Publish" flow that has text for "Private Game" now says "Unlisted Game".
  • New games will have an empty description when publishing instead of a placeholder text.
  • Materials marked as type "Plaster" now use "Default" footstep sounds instead of "Wood".
  • Read-only asset reference parameters now look more different than writeable ones:
    • Border is now gray instead of blue.
    • Text is now gray instead of white.



  • Fixed crash when calling AnimatedMesh:AttachCoreObject() with an invalid CoreObject parameter.
  • Fixed script errors that could occur while ending preview mode.

Core Content

New Features

  • Multiple ability animations for the player animationStance 2hand_melee_stance:

    • 2hand_melee_slash_vertical
    • 2hand_melee_slash_right
    • 2hand_melee_rm_combo_opener_diagonal_slash
    • 2hand_melee_rm_combo_middle_vertical_slash
    • 2hand_melee_rm_combo_closer_vertical_slash
  • Multiple new animationStances for the player are now available:

    • unarmed_ready
    • 1hand_melee_ready
    • 2hand_melee_ready
    • 2hand_staff_ready
  • New "Urban" assets have been added:

    • Pipes Kit
    • Street Air Conditioner
    • Water Tank
    • Street Barriers
  • Added thumbnails to "Sky" templates, and updated templates to reflect recent changes with the sky system.

  • New Music Added to Music Sets:

    • "Country Music Score" Set:
      • "Acoustic Campfire Stories"
    • "Rock Music Score" Set:
      • "Surf Rock Boogie"
      • "Surf Spy Rock"
      • "Fun 60s Rock"
  • New Music Construction Kits:

    • "Surf Spy Rock" Music Construction Kit (Sections) 01
      • 11 Variations
    • "Surf Rock Boogie" Music Construction Kit (Sections) 01
      • 11 Variations
    • "Fun 60s Rock" Music Construction Kit (Sections) 01
      • 12 Variations
    • "Acoustic Campfire Stories" Music Construction Kit (Sections) 01
      • 10 Variations
    • "Cute Town" Music Construction Kit (Sections) 01
      • 12 Variations
    • "Spaghetti Western Dreams" Music Construction Kit (Sections) 01
      • 4 Variations
  • New Music Stingers:

    • Surf Rock Band Music Stingers 01
      • 9 Variations
    • Surf Rock Guitar Music Stingers 01
      • 14 Variations
  • Nature patch decals (Sand, Dirt, Snow, Moss, Rock Garden) now support auto-tiling.


  • Sky: "Moons" and "Planetary Rings" now have correct distance and scale.
  • Sky: "Planets" now should be at the correct distance and scale.
  • Fixed dropdown list error for "SciFi HiTech Interface Short Set 01 SFX".
  • Added missing thumbnails for various templates.
  • "Sun Halo" no longer collides with players.
  • Fixed asset name typos in Core Content Audio:
    • "UI Game Ton Point Stab 01 SFX" > "UI Game Tone Point Stab 01 SFX"
    • "UI Game Tonal Ping 01 SFX" > "UI Game Tone Tonal Ping 01 SFX"
  • "Casual and Fun Music Score Set":
    • Fixed drum levels for a better balanced mix overall.