Alpha Update 13: April 28th 2020

Highlights for Version 1.0.133

Terrain Foliage is now Live


  • The foliage system is a powerful tool that allows creators to automatically populate meshes on a paintable terrain.
  • While the primary use of the system may be for grass, flowers, and trees - many other meshes are available. Want a terrain littered with crowbars? This system is for you!
  • Spawning meshes this way is also much more performant than hand-placing them.
  • For some examples of what can be created, check out our Imgur gallery.
  • NOTE: There is currently no collision supported on foliage and we will be evaluating that in the future.

How to use

  • Foliage can be used on any paintable terrain material.
  • Simply navigate to the Foliage tab with your terrain selected and the "Add Foliage" button will allow you to add a foliage item to one of the paintable channels.
  • The foliage will automatically populate on that painted channel with the given parameters.
  • There are many parameters to allow the creator to tweak size, density, position, angles, and offsets, so hop into Core and check them out!
  • Multiple meshes can be used in each material channel.
  • There is also a modifier brush on the Paint tab that allows you to erase foliage selectively. This is a multiplier, so you can use it at partial Target Value to thin out foliage or 1.0 target value to erase completely.
  • If you are having issues seeing foliage appear, it is important to check your spawn distances and cull distances.


New Features

  • Viewing templates in Community Content with long descriptions/release notes will show multiple lines and scroll if needed.
  • Terrain: Adjustments to terrain generators. More generators added and some additional parameters exposed (like seeds) on select generators.


  • Choosing "Play Now" after publishing a game will directly launch that game instead of routing through a webpage link.


  • Fixed a bug that could cause a user's preferred region to not be saved correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where un-checking the Unbounded option has no effect during the next Preview session.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the window to be the wrong size after closing the editor.
  • Fixed progress bars not showing on game/template publish.
  • Fixed a bug that could sometimes prevent users from being able to select a preferred region.
  • Fixes a case where the publish progress bar wasn't hiding when publishing a map that has a file error.
  • Fixed crash when an infinite loop of script events is triggered.
  • Fixed a bug where trigger overlap events could be dropped if they were caused while processing other overlap events.
  • Fixed a bug where custom event names were being treated case-insensitively. Event names are now case sensitive, but will log warnings if inconsistent case usage is detected.
  • Fixed a bug in single-player preview where hitting a breakpoint in the script debugger could leave the player unable to move after resuming.
  • Fixed a bug where clients from an old preview mode session could join a new preview mode session.
  • Fixed an issue with destroyed static contexts leaving child objects on clients.
  • Fixed a crash in the player data storage service, and a bug that could result in lost data.
  • Fixed a bug where .terrain files will not change if the terrain is not edited, which is useful for version control.
  • Fixed an issue that caused inconsistent loading of screenshots while game browsing.
  • Fixed the stretching of game browsing tiles with long titles.
  • Fixed folder flicker when selecting game components in the editor.
  • Fixed crash that could happen when an equipment's pickup trigger had been destroyed.


New Features

  • Added CoreDebug.GetTaskStackTrace() function to return the stack trace of a specific script task. Defaults to current task if not specified.
  • Added CoreDebug.GetStackTrace() function to return stack traces for all currently executing tasks.
  • StaticMeshes have a new readonly Lua property meshAssetId that returns the asset MUID that object uses.


Core Content

New Features


  • Added option to show equipment names instead of ability names in kill feed.
  • 2hand_rocket_reload_magazine is now available for use. This animation may be useful for shoulder mounted rocket launchers that are currently using the 2hand_rifle stance.
  • Added Game Settings object in Battle Royale framework.
  • Advanced Grenade now have pickup sound.
  • Added Vertical Sword Swipe, Item callout sparkles, Signal Flare, Road Flare, and Swirling Trash VFX.
  • Added Object Outline tool.


  • Deprecated "Ambient Rain 01 SFX". It had a variety of issues and didn't work as intended.
    The following audio assets can be used to replace:
    - Ambient Nature Rain Big Drops 01 SFX
    - Ambient Nature Rain Heavy 01 SFX
    - Ambient Nature Rain Heavy Splatty 01 SFX
    - Rain Light SFX
    - Rain Medium SFX


  • Fixed a bug in the kill feed component.
  • Fixed kill feed not displaying in some frameworks.

We'll push the update on April 28th at 6AM PST.


Wow these are some amazing updates, love the specific focus on the foliage system.

It is nice to see the focus on that part of Core.

So does this update take affect automatically or do we need to manually update somehow?

Core will update itself when you launch it. We're pushing the patch tomorrow at 6am PST.

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I'm loving the object outline tool :slight_smile: