Alpha Update 12: April 14th 2020

Highlights for Version 1.0.131

Painting has been enabled for terrains! This will allow creators to paint with multiple materials on the surface of their terrain objects.

  • To get started, access the Paint tab in the properties panel while the terrain is selected.
  • Creating a material will pre-populate with default materials in each of the 4 channels.
  • There is also a “wetness” channel to the right of the 4 material channels, which allows creators to paint on the existing materials to make them look wet.
  • The Edit Materials button allows creators to make changes to which materials are in which channel. Empty slots will contain the default materials.
  • Creators can specify top and side materials for each channel. So if a creator want grass on the top of a surface, but stone on the sides, that can be done in a single channel.
  • Different channels will blend together if they are not at full strength. So setting channel 2 at a target value of 0.5 and painting over channel 1 will blend them 50/50.
  • Many of the expected settings exist for size/strength/falloff/etc, so check the properties panel for the full list
  • A Foliage system is coming soon, so a WIP tab exists for that as well.


New Features

  • There is now a Script Helper available in Core! The Script Helper lists available properties and functions of our API and is a tremendous way to get familiar with scripting in Core.The script helper is available 2 ways:

    • Through top menu bar: View->Script Helper
    • Right click on the internal script editor and select the option to open the Script Helper
  • Usage:

    • Right clicking on an entry in the helper will have options to copy a code snippet and open online documentation.
    • In the internal script editor, you can also drag and drop an entry directly into the script text, which will insert the snippet at text cursor position.
    • To search for a specific class/namespace, add . in the end of its name. For example, "Weapon." will filter to show only entries within Weapon class.
  • Added new game chat mode (accessible via a GameSettings object): AllOnly

  • Added the Trending category to the Games tab in the application.

  • Added a right click context menu to the Event Log to open a script when clicking on warning/error messages with script names and line numbers.

  • The in-game publish dialog now has a checkbox to just update game details without having to upload the whole game. "Game details" currently includes anything except screenshots and the game itself.

  • Shift + V in the editor now shows a screen message.

  • We now support spawning new start points and changing teams at runtime.

  • The Game Publish success dialog now has a Play Now button which can launch your game.

  • The Game Publish dialog when pushing an update will only populate your last release notes.

  • You can now report offensive content in the review section of Templates in Community Content.

  • You can now click and drag the chat scrollbar.

  • Publishing games or templates will now display a progress indicator.


  • You can now use the editor's file menu when the settings menu is open.
  • The client should now be letterboxed when using an ultrawide monitor.
  • Video settings are now displayed when opening the settings menu from the editor.
  • Main window can no longer be resized smaller than 640x480.
  • Clicking on the tab of an active Script Editor no longer removes focus from the script editor.


  • Interrupting an ability no longer causes the Cooldown phase to use the Execute phase's duration.
  • Fixed an issue where pressing Tab would sometimes interrupt player control.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause certain popup windows to appear offscreen.
  • Gizmo Indicator volumes only show up on object select if global gizmo visibility is turned on via hotkey V. Gizmo icons will always show if global Gizmo visibility is on.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the window to be moved partly offscreen after closing a game.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the window to be improperly resized after closing the editor.
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes the Custom Material Editor would fail to write parameters, especially booleans.
  • Fixed a crash when reverting a parameter on a custom material.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the window to be the wrong size when opening a game from a web browser.
  • Prevent terrain from being added to a group. The UI was previously disabled but the keyboard shortcut still worked.
  • Fixed colors of editable custom property labels.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause fullscreen mode to not cover a small area at the bottom of the screen.
  • Fixed an incorrect image flicker that could appear briefly when viewing game details pages.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Core to sometimes reopen with an incorrectly sized window.
  • Fixed the Script Editor not accepting input after docking tab.


New Features

  • Added support for CoreObjectReference as a networked event parameter.
  • Spawn points can be disabled and enabled through Lua.
  • math.random() and RandomStream are now automatically seeded. Both can still be seeded with specific values, if desired.
  • Custom properties may now be added directly to script assets in the Project Content tab.
    • These properties may be accessed by calling script:GetCustomProperty() from a script that is executing due to a call to the require() function.
    • These properties are also available on any instance of the script placed in the hierarchy, and their values may be overridden on individual instances.


  • Static Meshes should be able to receive non-uniform scales via scripts again.
  • Fixed Transform equality tests in Lua.

Core Content

New Features

  • Rain Volume VFX: Rain now supports an alternate collision method.
  • Added to Urban Props catalog:
    • Road Signs (5 shapes)
    • Metal Brackets (2)
    • Ten templates for example usage
  • New Fall Damage and Game Portal components.
  • Added segment support to Nameplates.
  • New ability animation strings:
    • 1hand_melee_slash_vertical
    • 1hand_melee_shield_bash
    • 2hand_rocket_reload_magazine
    • unarmed_magic_up
    • unarmed_shove
  • New Animation Stance Strings:
    • 1hand_melee_shield_block
    • unarmed_stun_dizzy
    • unarmed_stun_electric
    • unarmed_sit_chair_upright
    • unarmed_sit_ground_crossed
    • unarmed_sit_ground_ledge

Check out our documentation to learn more about them!


  • Swirling Trash Volume: "Floating Trash Volume" was renamed to "Swirling Trash Volume".
  • The following new assets have had their geometry slightly tweaked to better bring them in line with other related assets:
    • Fantasy Castle Stairs Spiral 02 - Large 3m
    • Fantasy Castle Stairs Spiral 03 - Large 3m
    • Fantasy Castle Stairs Spiral Trim 01 - 4m
    • Fantasy Castle Stairs Spiral Trim 01 - Large
    • Fantasy Castle Stairs Spiral Trim 01 - Small
    • Fantasy Castle Stairs Spiral Wall 01 - Large
    • Fantasy Castle Stairs Spiral Wall 01 - Small.

The tweaks are small and should be barely noticeable in 95% of cases, but if you are using them in a map you may want to check them just in case. Apologies for the inconvenience, this is a rare occurrence that we try our best to avoid but this time was deemed necessary.


  • Sun Light: Updated default value for distance fadeout. This will result in better looking, darker shadows by default.