Alpha Update 10: March 13th 2020

Highlights for Version 1.0.127

In-game Chat v1.0 is live!

  • Games now have a chat window for players to use to communicate with each other.
  • Currently this window handles Team and All chat for a game session and will later be expanded to house system messages and other social features.
  • Creators can use the Game Settings object to set chat to the following options:
    • Team and All
      • This allows users to chat in an All channel or a Team channel. All is sent to everyone in that specific game instance, while Team goes to all teammates in that - specific game instance.
    • Team only
      • For games that require a bit more secrecy around information, Team only can be selected, which removes the option for All chat.
    • None
      • This disables chat for the game.
      • We advise Creators to still design their Game UI with the chat window in mind, as it will be used for social features and system messages in the future.
    • Note: These options are set on the Game Settings object while editing and are not configurable via script during play.
  • Hitting enter or / will put chat in an active state that allows the player to type a message.
  • The TAB key will cycle channels.
  • When chat is not active, elements will be faded out except for the messages themselves.
  • If no messages are received for 8 seconds, chat will fade completely out. Receiving a new message will bring chat to its inactive state again.
  • Right-clicking a username gives options to mute and report that user.


New Features

  • Clicking a Play link from the Core website while Core is already running no longer results in an error message. Instead, a prompt will be displayed if Core is already in a game or the editor, or the game will automatically be joined if Core is on the Main Menu.
  • Tags are now clickable to search for rated games with that tag.
  • Added new Utility Components:
    • Lerp Color Smart Property
    • Lerp Float Smart Property
    • Lerp Rotation Smart Property
    • Lerp Vector3 Smart Property
    • Object Mover
    • Object Rotator
    • Object Scaler


  • Removed letterboxing from main menu
  • The main menu now defaults to the Create tab when returning from the editor.
  • The "Channel Duration" used for configure appearance and mount change times has been split into two parameters: Appearance Channel Duration and Mount Channel Duration. These have been moved from the Game Settings object to the Player Settings object.
  • The Video Settings tab is no longer visible when opening the Settings menu from the Editor.

Note about running two instances of Core at once

Core is not intended to be run multiple times at once. This is especially true of the editor. Having two editors open at the same time can result in unexpected behavior, as it may overwrite the same content and cause errors.

Currently there is a bug allowing multiple editors to be open simultaneously. We strongly recommend NOT doing so, as it might result in lost work.

The Manticore team is looking into addressing this. Long term, we are looking at ways to allow multiple editors to be open at once without the unintended behavior.


  • Fixed the rotation property on Lerp Rotation Smart Property utility.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Core to open at the wrong size after a crash.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the user's resolution to not be selected in the settings menu.
  • Fixed bug where servers could be shut down when they had active players.
  • Fixed double click on Rotisserie accidently resizing the window.

Core Content

New Features

  • Added new short "Minimal Sections" to "Rockin' Pirates" Music Construction Kit (Sections) 01
    • Accordion Melody Only Accordion Melody with Flute Riff
    • Accordion Melody with Light Groove
  • Updated existing frameworks with chat enabled by default.
  • Added First Person Frameworks: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Gun Game, Capture And Hold
  • Added Top Down Frameworks: Team Deathmatch, Capture And Hold


  • Changed Underwater Submix to not change BGM/Score Audio volume and pitch when entiring underwater post process volume.


  • Adjusted Metal and Stone player footstep SFX to be more consistent in volume with other footstep SFX
  • Applied a fix for the Rockin' Pirates Music Construction Kit (Layers) to fix an issue where individual instrumental stems were starting to play out of sync.
  • Tornado VFX: Fixed condition where emissive boost would be ignored.