Alpha Update 1: December 17th 2019

New Features

  • Block indent was added to the script editor.
  • Added advanced grenade and update advanced weapon reload binding.
  • Added a new "View" -> "Reset Layout" menu item for using default tab layout for editor.
  • Added a Publish Template button to Project Content.
  • The events Event:Connect(), Events.Connect(), and Events.ConnectForPlayer now accept any number of additional arguments after the listener function. When that listener is called, those additional arguments will be provided after the event's own parameters.


local function OnHandleOverlap(trigger, other, extraArg)
script.parent.beginOverlapEvent:Connect(OnHandleOverlap, "Hello")
script.parent.endOverlapEvent:Connect(OnHandleOverlap, "World!")


  • Moving the mouse or using the keyboard now resets the autosave timer.
  • Player.isDead Lua property is now read-only.
  • Removed "Add Script" button from Project Content.
  • Abilities no longer have an option to toggle Flying mode.
  • New projects are now saved directly in the Maps folder, instead of in "Maps/username".
  • Edgeline materials now use Vector3 instead of Color for setting material velocity.
  • When spawning objects with X key, the Shift modifier is now interpreted as "use settings from Object Generator", which now takes "Spawn Upright" into account.


  • Explosion effect now properly makes use of color parameter.
  • Fixed a bug in the selection system that was sometimes making the "audio preview" button not show up after testing a map.
  • Fix for the crash that happened when you used portals between games.
  • When previewing audio in the editor, adjusting settings will now update the sound in real time, rather than making it stop playing.
  • Fix "Character data unavailable" error when exiting preview mode.
  • UI tweaks for modals giving information about non-uniform scaling.
  • Window styling fixes for terrain generation/importing.
  • Limit possible request count when using UIImage:SetImage() in certain cases.
  • Fixed a crash when dragging SmartAudio assets into the scene.
  • Script Editor: Fixed bug where autocomplete popup would lose its selected candidate.
  • Script Editor: Fix unnecessary save prompt triggered by UNIX or macOS line endings.
  • Fixed the height of the "More Options" menu (seen when pressing the three dots on a game tile on the "Create" tab).
  • Frontend "Games" button should take you to your game page, not the home page.