Allow player to move objects with cursor?

I have an Equipment with a CoreMesh which is located at some point around the Player.

I have a Camera which is directly in front and can be orbited around the player with "a" and "d".
The Cursor is enabled.

Now i want to be able to click and drag the CoreMesh with the Cursor so that it will move up or down and rotate left and right around the Player depending on the Cursor-movement.

I tried using UI.GetCursorPlaneIntersection to set the Position but the Cursor can only used on the client side while the Position of the Mesh can only be changed from the server.

How can i solve this Problem?

You can fire an event from the client and with the listener on the server. Checkout Events - Core Documentation

You would use BroadcastToServer in the Client script and ConnectForPlayer in the Server script.
Remember to validate the input in the Server-side Script as the client could send whatever the player wants and "cheat".

Events are limited to 10 per second so the mesh wouldnt move smoothly.

I found a workaround where i copy all meshes on client side and disable the old one on the server side so only the ones on the client side are visible. Then i can move the client meshes directly and when the player is finished all positions are broadcasted to server to update the meshes there.