Add collision box to player with attached object?

I'm sure I missed something simple here, but I can't seem to get collision right on an object that I am attaching to a player. Since the Equipment is bigger than the player, I want projectiles to collide with it as well and deal damage to the player. The Equipment has far too many meshes to be networked, so the idea was to just leave all that on the client side and add a new simple cube mesh in the static or server context to use for collision.

To start, here is what I am doing:

  1. Created template for equipment object
  • Equipment is static context
  • Sub group for Server context with scripts
  • Sub group for Client context with meshes and FX
  1. Spawn equipment with World.SpawnAsset()
  2. Attach to player with equipment:AttachToPlayer()
  3. Equip for abilities with equipment:Equip()

When I add the mesh to the Server context, it does nothing. I see the cube on the server side of the editor, but it has no impact on the game.

When I add it to static context, it is closer to working and actually affects the collision for the player. Unfortunately, the game is "free for all", so the object also collides with the player and sends them twitching across the map as the object and player try to move away from each other. Changing team collision has no impact, as everything is on the same 255 team. Disabling the enemy collision does help the twitching, but also removes collision from enemies and negates the whole point again.

How can I make this work? Is this even the right way to go about this, or should I be handling the collision separately?

If you check Contexts you can see there is no collision on Server Context.

I would be inclined to put your collider object (e.g. capsule) in Default - Networked, but go with what works for you.

If you don't have more than 4 players you could put them into 4 separate teams, which would allow you to disable Team Collisions on your collider and set the collider team to the player team before you add it.

Easier option, can you design a collider so that it does not clash with the player - it just needs to cover about the right area, not necessarily look exactly like the object.

It's hard to say without knowing the exact details, but unless your equipment is much larger than the player, I would not bother with the collisions aspect - for normal combat players will probably not notice that much in terms of small targeting errors.

The is a decent amount bigger than the player (like a pseudo vehicle), and it is frustratingly hard to hit the player object inside sometimes. I tried using a "pipe" mesh and shrinking the player a bit so that it didn't collide, but it impacted other features, like the AI scripts for player detection. That's closer to getting it working though, and I guess I just need a little finessing to make it work.