About Writing a Community Guide

The Core Creator community has made several awesome creations so far, learning several tips & tricks and discovering amazing possibilities within Core. In this board, creators may create their own community guides.


  • Breaks down steps into actionable items rather than intimidating paragraph chunks.
  • Consults the Lua Styling Guide when writing code and considers best practices
  • Uses Tags for guide type and difficulty
  • Uses images, gifs, or videos to help demonstrate your point visually

To get started, name the Community Guide with an informative title about what it will teach. At the top of each thread, it is highly suggested to add this information:

GUIDE TITLE: title that is indicative of what this guide is about
ESTIMATED COMPLETION TIME: 10-20 Minutes recommended
CORE VERSION: version of CORE this guide was last updated during

SUGGESTED PREREQUISITES: Any recommended tutorials + knowledge needed beforehand

summary of what the tutorial is

list of things you will learn from this tutorial


  • Picture / GIF / Video
  • 1-2 lines about the goal of the community guide and what it will teach

your tutorial. For a Lua formatted code block, use 3 backticks + lua (no spaces), new line, paste your code, new line, close with 3 backticks+

Remember, if you have suggestions for official documentation written by the Manticore docs-team, please let us know here. And, we do have open source, official documentation which you can contribute to. If interested in contributing, message @Stanzilla.

Some "Community Guide" ideas are...

  • A how-to guide on using a script/framework you created!
  • A tips & tricks guide for modelling for a steampunk aesthetic.
  • A game-design overview on making engaging multiplayer games in Core!

Currently, Manticore Games is in stealth mode with access to Core limited to select individuals.
Please do NOT share anything outside of the forum or discord or with anyone not in Closed Alpha. Everyone with forum access has agreed to the NDA, so you can discuss Core freely here! :slight_smile:

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