About object dimensions

For the past few days I feel like I have become quite adept to being able to place objects in my world using position coordinates only, however, I am having to guess the size of my objects in order to place them at the correctz level.

Is there a way to see the size of objects somewhere? Something like an objects properties that will show me the height, width and depth?

Unfortunately not. I use two approaches:

  1. Place a basic cube at the top of the tree structure (this is modelled as 1x1x1) so any scaling applied to it gives you a measure in metres. Use this as a ruler / bounding box.

  2. Under animated meshes I use Humanoid 1 Cassidy and make things look about right to this.

Nice, didnt think about using a 1x1x1 cube as a ruler, take a bit longer to measure out objects but at least this way I can get the dimensions of grouped structures and such as well, very ingenious idea, thank you!

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