A little suggestion

I have noticed that there are many good projects here on the platform, but I have also seen a slightly demotivating attitude from the community. I often see that people hit the "I don't like" button and they are very good games. I would like the amount of "dislike" not to appear. Since this greatly devalues ​​the work of the creators and the people who do it do it in a very carefree way. Facebook and YouTube have already implemented this method, because, like me, they saw that there are many malicious people.

that is, they can press the button if they want but the amount of "dislike" is not displayed.

a little example:

in my opinion I would love it to always be like this. just show the likes. and that only the creator can see the dislikes:


I support the idea to remove the counter of the disliked and only show active or not active user of the disliked and if the user is not logged in then do not show the disliked, but only a like with the counter

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Same for community content. I saw some nice / helpful CC and wondered why many of them have a high downvote count.

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