A few questions about NavMesh

  1. Where in general can I find NavMesh to use in a project? The only place where I could find it is the dungeon framework.
  2. If I understood correctly, then NavMesh determines the places where the NPC can move. Then why do they still sometimes leave NavMesh chasing the player?
  3. Is there a difference where exactly NavMesh should be located? (at the floor level, below the floor, at the foot level, at the head level, the NPCs must touch the NavMesh or not necessarily)
    Thank you in advance for any help/information/link
  1. I could not find much useful documentation for this, I ended up watching this: NavMesh Tutorial which was really helpful. They present a couple of options, but I ended up going with DDPathfinder , also available via community content, which takes a bit of experimenting with, but ultimately produced good results for me (interior of a large house).

  2. Yes, but there is an option that allows them to jump gaps, I can't remember the details now, but it is explained either in that video or the scripts of DDPathfinder. I believe that there is already a NavMesh on terrain, so you don't need to worry about that bit (not tested).

  3. They generate on the floor, in DDPathfinder you can easily visualise it and look for possible problems (although you can't manually tweak them out, you need to change your parameters slightly and rebuild).

The main problem I had was that you need to make sure the mesh gets close enough to the walls that players cannot shelter next to them and range attack melee AI to death. Do a bit of testing and you will soon get it.

Thank you very much.I will watch and test.