1 spawns here with weapon, rest spawn somewhere else?

Im trying to create a semi horror game where one random player spawns somewhere with a weapon, and the rest spawn somewhere else. Im super new to lua so if you could guide me through where to put the scripts and stuff that would be great!

Hi, Frostyz11 from what i learned
for spawning the weapon on character when character spawns in
although this is just for a single weapon I am not sure about the random spawn for the other weapons.

create new script in hierarchy, name script
drag and drop weapons into custom property go down to the script below copy the weapon script
open your named script paste the script

Local propadvancedshotgun <-modify this asset
you can put this script in the main hierarchy
script example
Local REF_SHOTGUN = script:GetCustomProperty("AdvancedShotgun")

local weapon = world.SpawnAsset(Ref_Shotgun)