1 Player Lobby Scene Then Multiplayer Scene?

Hello all,

I'm trying to wrap my head around scenes on how they work with set amount of players.

  1. What I want is when a player joins the game, the player is in a 1 player only lobby. This lobby allows player to customize themselves and see their progress.

  2. When the player hits the "play game button", the player is taken to the multiplayer part of the game.

The concept is like the game FallGuys. You join your own lobby, then you join the multiplayer part when your are ready. The multiplayer part could be like a race thing to wait on enough players to start playing or it could be like a Tom Clancy's Wildlands and have other people join you at any time.

In a nutshell, join 1 player game, then join the multiplayer part after that when ready.

To keep all my assets in one game, can I have my game default scene have a max of 1 player and then when ready join my second scene that can have a max of 16 players? Can the Core engine know to look for available multiplayer games based off of my second scene?

Or, is it what I want to do with a " 1 player lobby then join the multiplayer part of the game when ready " suited for using the "Game.TransferAllPlayersToGame(string gameId)" to join a completely new game for the multiplayer part? Where I have to figure out the Storage scheme and keep up to date all of the assets between two games.

If "Game.TransferAllPlayersToGame(string gameId)" is the only way to do this, then am I able to join the players to the second published "unlisted" game?
"Unlisted" because that part of that game should not be seen in the game listings. Only the the 1 player lobby game can join it.

I would like to use the scene route so I can just deal with 1 game and it's assets, but I'm thinking the "Scene" players only work as having the first default scene with the max amount of players and the other scene which divide the those specific players up. Which is not what I want.

Any info is much appreciated. I just want to make sure I'm going down the right path for what I'm trying to do. Thanks.

I got my answer from Luke from the Coregames Discord:

"They're separate server instances, so your 1-Player "Default Scene" won't have any effect on Players joining your 16-Player scene. The second scene would still correctly fill up with players."

That is what I was trying to understand technically.