Welcome to the Core Creator Forums!

Hello friends and welcome to the Core Creator Forums!

The purpose of these forums are to be a resource and an asset to the Core Creator community.

A quick guide to the forums available:

Community Central

  • News -- The latest news and announcements about Manticore Games and the Core platform.
  • Events -- All announcements and information for game jams, challenges, ManticoreTV, and any other kind of events.
  • Patch Notes -- The latest and all previous patch notes can be found here.
  • Rules & Guidelines -- Core Community rules and guidelines.

Learning Resources

  • ManticoreTV Library -- An archive for all past ManticoreTV broadcasts.
  • Community Guides -- Community created guides and tutorials.
  • Lua Snippets -- Community created Lua snippets (small blocks of pre-built code that can help you with Lua scripting).

Creation Help

  • Editor Questions -- Any and all questions about the Core Editor.
  • Lua Help -- Having trouble with something in Lua and can't find the answer on the Core Discord? Come here!
  • Collaboration -- This board is to facilitate collaboration in CORE, but jobs, contracts, commissions, and the like are not affiliated with or moderated by Manticore Games in any way shape or form.
  • Playtest Feedback -- Ask for some help testing your features or [WIP] work-in-progress projects. Also try #playtest in the Core Discord.

Share Your Work

  • Core Games -- Create a post for your games that have reached a "first playable" state and are ready for full playtesting and feedback/suggestions.
  • Community Content -- Create a post promoting any community content you've created.
  • Showcase -- Showcase anything you're proud of here, regardless of what stage of development you're in.
  • My First Creation -- Create a post here and receive a warm welcome for publishing your first creation.


  • Forum Suggestions -- Feel like something is missing? Give us feedback on how we can improve the support for specific categories and/or sub-forums.
  • Core Feedback -- For Core Editor feedback and feature requests.
  • Misc. Suggestions -- Have an idea for an event, or on any other non-Core Editor/Features related community topic? Post here!

The forums will be a work in progress moving forward, so please don't hesitate to give feedback in the "Suggestions" area. Please keep everything on-topic, and be constructive and/or helpful.

Please note: We have moved a lot of content from the Creator Hub to the forums, so in the future you're going to find everything about news, patch notes, events, and ManticoreTV on here.