Summary of Timrael's suggestions

  1. show the type of object when hovering the icon in the hierarchy and/or properties

  2. a button to clean up unused contents (templates, scripts and materials)

  3. API: be able to modify the material of an object from a script, otherwise you have to duplicate and show/hide the objects according to the material

  4. import images to change the texture of a material or a way to have more customization

  5. save sort in "My projects"

  6. add a system to say that when the scale is enlarged, if you want or not to keep the thickness
    e.g: a thin ring once enlarged becomes thick, which is not necessarily desired

  7. API: intercept chat message, e.g: to execute commands

  8. API: a function like FindPlayersInCylinder, but for the objects

  9. link an external IDE to be able to use breakpoints

  10. a preview (can be disabled?) of the world generation being configured

  11. a property and a function like gravityScale, but for the direction of gravity (e.g: for walking on the planet)

  12. add the right-angled trapeze in the basic shapes

  13. a way to stop an animation launched by an ability and by animationStance

  14. add ability activation condition (pressed or released)

  15. API: a way to stop in the middle the animation of a ability or a way to make our own animation

  16. API: a way to reduce the duration of a phase, for example by having a way to move on to the next one without stopping the flow completely, as with Interrupt() between execution and cooldown

  17. add a way (a button?) to unpublish games !

  18. add the rounded wedge in the basic shapes

  19. snap size of 1

  20. reduce or a way to manually set/disable the proximity cut

  21. add oblong (extrude him) in the basic shapes

  22. add the friendly fire to the default weapon system

  23. add the version of the game/community content on the (last?) player's comment, to prevent an old problem that has been fixed in the meantime from tarnishing the new updates (like Steam, Play Store, ...)

  24. return a hitResult in beginOverlapEvent

  25. more 2D shapes (triangle, hexagon, ...), such as Plane 1m - One Sided and Plane 1m - Two Sided

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Wow, thanks for all the suggestions Timrael! :smiley:

No problem, there's some news :wink:

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