Suggested Core Editor Improvements

Folders In Project Content Section
Allow adding folders to the Project Content section. This has two benefits:

  • Organization
    This will help developers organize their content, especially with the large number of scripts and templates and other assets that make up a project.

  • Asset Reference To A Folder
    For scripts, it is useful to be able to have an asset reference to a folder in Project Content. That way, I can iterate over the contents of the folder. For example, if I store all my map templates in a folder, then I can just reference the folder to gain access to all the maps.

List View
Currently, content in a list view is sorted horizontally across different columns. IMO, this makes things more difficult to find since they are spread across different columns. Instead, it would be helpful to have the option to sort the list items vertically, which makes it much easier to scan down the list alphabetically.

In other words, instead of sorting like this horizontally:
A | B | C
D| E | F

Sort vertically:
A | D
B | E
C | F

Cloning Scripts
It would be helpful to be able to clone a script, along with all of its custom properties. Currently this has to be done manually, which is very tedious if there are many custom properties. Cloning is helpful to create a new separate script, without affecting the original script.

Multiplayer Preview
I wold love to have each bot window automatically arranged in a "quad view". For example, bot1 in upper left, bot2 in upper right, bot3 in lower left, bot4 or server in lower right. Currently I spend a lot of time manually rearranging windows whenever I test.

Bot1 | Bot2
Bot3 | Bot4

Previewing Sound Files
With the audio files, it takes a lot of mouse movement to go back and forth from the list to the preview button. I would suggest being able to double click a sound file to preview the sound.

I second all of these. Especially the ability to have folders of assets with it's own asset reference. There are just a lot of use cases for wanting to organize your templates into folders that can be referenced from scripts. Not to mention just the general ease of finding stuff when they are organized.