Strange Networked Custom Property Behaviour

I posted an example in СС called Strange NetworkedProperty.
2 networkedPropertyChangedEvent calls are lost.


  1. If the call occurs (immediately) when the server starts.
  2. If the call occurs (immediately) when the assets spawned.

Is it okay behaviour?

Does the SetNetworkedCustomProperty guarantee the delivery of the message?
Does the SetNetworkedCustomProperty guarantee the order in which the message is delivered?

Or in other words its TCP or UDP based?

I have the same problem, I cannot rely on this message to keep track of the values / states of objects. (and generate sounds or effects on the client side)

This is a real problem, the other way to do is to broadcast with the existing limitations ...
Could you provide some answers please ?


Check this out. June 2021: List Of All Submissions
There are a few CC frameworks that improve the limitations of the current Events system.
I'm using WaveParadigm's WaveEvents in my game "Guess the Word!"

networkedPropertyChangedEvent doesnt call, but the property itself changed its value. You can check through standart GetCustomProperty method. At least it was a couple of months ago.

I had this issue in a game. Drove me crazy, and "fixed" that adding a Task.Wait(0.5) before calling the method that will eventually fire the event.