Roblox Rocket Arena

GAME NAME: Roblox Rocket Arena
PLAYER COUNT: Maximum of 8 players, 4-8 players is optimum. Needs at least 2 players to play.
GAME LINK: Roblox Rocket Arena by Catbert45 - Core Games

A free for all first person shooter based on the 'Rocket Arena' game from classic Roblox. It uses only projectile-based (non hitscan) weapons.

Equipped with a knife, a RPG and frag grenades (all of which are one hit KOs on a direct hit), players compete in an explosive battle to get 10 frags before anyone else can.

The open map with little cover keeps players on their toes at all times. Timing is crucial. One well-placed rocket can obliterate the opposition, but if you miss, you'll have to wait through its long reload, giving your opponents a chance to strike. Dodge enemy rockets and try not to miss with your own... or blow yourself up! Grenades are bouncy, so take advantage of the terrain. Bounce them off billboards or other structures on the map to catch opponents off guard! They can be used more often than the RPG but have limited range and are easier to dodge. If someone really isn't paying attention, you can humiliate them with a knife kill.

Please note that this is not a remake of 'Rocket Arena,' it is a game based on 'Rocket Arena.' The game does not feature jetpacks, the ability to build walls or destructible terrain. However, it features more weapons than the Roblox game and more modern features such as the ability to sprint.

This game is just a hobby project so I do not plan to continuously update it. I may make occasional updates but currently I don't plan on making any major changes, just bugfixes and quality of life changes. However, the game is open for editing so feel free to use the map or game in your own projects.

Version 1.0.1:

  • Quality of life change: Spawnpoints have been rotated so you always spawn facing towards a bridge rather than towards a billboard. This means you don't have to turn around right after spawning before you can go anywhere.
  • You can still fly by pressing alt-f4. Honest, I'm not lying. Why don't you trust me?



If you plan to use the map from this game in your own shooter game, please keep in mind that (in my opinion) this map would not work very well with hitscan weapons. It doesn't feature much cover, making hitscan weapons OP. It is good for projectile weapons though, since they can be dodged and the open map actually encourages people to do this rather than trying to find cover.