Project: Neon (Hub Based RPG) is looking for Teammates :)

Hello everyone!

My name is Julia, I am 31 years old and a hobby Game Design Thingy.
Me and Andy are working on a Game called! "PROJECT:NEON" together.

For a better View look at the Website I made for a better presentation:

2133. The world has perished on the NEON GODS of mankind. Instead of saving the only earth they destroy everything in a "never-ending war". Consumption and pure greed had reached its peak. There was no way out, so humanity found a special way to escape from Яe∀LΙτy. New technology made it possible to upload a complete human into a virtual life. There they lived as digital beings in an Utopia that made them forget where they came from and what happened. Blinded and elevated above nature some of them called themselves gods and lived an immortal life in the digital world they had created. But what they didn't know is that Яe∀LΙτy slowly corrupts their world. Little by little, nature is taking back what belongs to her in the most strange way…

These will we some of the features we have planned:

  • The highest Level in the Game will be 50.

  • Players can choose 1 out of 4 Classes. Each class as a special Ultimate that cannot be changed. Beside this ability there are 3 more Slots. The Player can chose from a big variety of skills to play like he wants to beat the game.

  • There will be some sort of Talent Trees.

  • "Data Shards" are the Dungeons, up to this point we have room for 60 different dungeons in the main building.

  • Armor and Weapons should come in different rarities: COMMON, PREMIUM, PROTOTYPE and CORRUPTED. Additionally every armor and weapon can be upgraded with special material to boost the stats of the item up to +15.

  • Therefore exist different MATERIAL NODES throughout the different Worlds. Each Level Up of a Weapon or Armor needs more of a special ressource. These are the Materials that exists:
    Iron, Gold, Platinum, Cyanat, Setasril, Aurum, Argentum, Vexarin, Adamantit, Aetherium, Mitranite & Lycantium

  • There will be Reputation to farm, to gain access to Data Shards, Material, Abilities and more.

  • There will a giant Storyline, as well as a Story based around Athena.

  • Players can choose to help one side: The Nature or Guardian Security Systems

  • Riddles can be solved throughout the Gameplay & Data Shards

  • There will be some sort of Archievements

So I am not only looking for someone who help us, but some individuals who want to shape the Gameplay, Story and all the other aspects of Game Making. It's not about bringing the greatest amount of time, but the best heart into this project.
If you are interessted, want to share thoughts, critics or ask questions make sure to message me on Discord (Soulfire47#9840) ! <3