Need More Functionality For Spawn Points

It would be helpful to have more functionality for spawn points to help with some typical game use cases.

Common Use Case
A common use case is where the lobby is in a separate location from the game play area. When the round starts, players get spawned from the lobby to the game area. When the round ends, players get spawned from the play area back to the lobby.

Idea - Spawn Point "Group" Property
One idea is to have an extra property, such as a group field. For example, I can label my lobby spawn points as "lobby", and my map spawn points as "map". Then in the Respawn() function, I can add this as a parameter to spawn the players to a specific set of spawn points.

Current Workaround
I actually have to move the spawn points in code from the lobby to the map in order to get the behavior in the use case above. It works, but not a great solution.

Bug - isEnabled Does Not Work For Spawn Points
When isEnabled is set to false on a Spawn Point, players will still spawn at that point. The expected behavior is to not have players spawn at a disabled Spawn Point. If this bug is fixed, then I would be able to achieve the above use case by disabling and enabling the appropriate Spawn Points.

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Thanks for this idea and the usage case explanation! I like this suggestion a lot.