My detailed development priorities recommendations

This what I think the development priorities approximately should be:


  • Hierarchy improved (auto) organisation and overview (add default groups, assign all game components to automatically go inside a certain group/subgroup)
  • Optimize Core components window UI (show submenu on hover instead of clicking, optimize the groups and subgroups to improve overview)
  • Optimizing/finalizing current game components functionality and ease of use
  • Adding more important game components (character, ability system, inventory system, win condition system, animation system, more cool game elements, etc.)
  • Improved template editor (separate from hierarchy) with a 3D view for geometry, a (modular/visual) programming section and a section where you can expose variables and manage custom panels
  • CustomProperty array support


  • Monetization for community content
  • Advanced character creator (select body type, select body parts, export, import to game with game component)
  • NPC systems (animations, AI, pathfinding, NPC stats, NPC inventory, dialog system)
  • Vehicle support
  • Better game joining system (matchmaking, parties, password protected/party only private games, etc)
  • Global player storage
  • Extremely detailed video tutorial series, including at least building 1 entire game from scratch
  • More premium avatars/cosmetics
  • Voice lines with effects module to personalize


  • Rebrand (Core name is way too generic) and create a new launch trailer (less Fortnite looking)
  • Launch with an AAA title made by Manticore and start a marketing campain
  • Premium server packages for player limit (32, 64, 128 perhaps?) and tickrate (30, 60 and 120 ticks perhaps?)
  • Completely eliminating the need for programming by building advanced editor tools on top of the framework
  • Cut scene editor
  • Make Core plaza support 100+ players where players spawn if they don't manually have defined a game to join on login
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Thanks for the detailed feedback, PunchPlump. I've circulated it out to the team!

Yeah thanks for putting the time and thought into this.