More Documentation On Contexts

It would be very helpful to have more documentation on contexts

  • Default Non-Networked
  • Networked
  • Client Context
  • Server Context
  • Static Context

Guidelines, Best Practices, Examples
I think developers are going to have a lot of questions on when to use a certain context. Guidelines, best practices, and examples of when to use each context would be very helpful.

Security & Anti Hacking Measures
It is important to be able to create games and write code that is secure and hack proof. For example, can your client context be accessed and altered by a malicious user? What coding practices do you recommend for security?

Client Context Scope
What is the scope of your client context. Does a client context just apply to a single client, or is it replicated across all clients?

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Hi Maple! Thanks for your suggestion here.

Right now, we have examples and snippets here: Examples and Snippets
And we'll be building out more networking documentation soon!

EDIT: Saw your message on the Discord as well. Thanks for the details you added about what in particular you were looking for in the docs!

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In the meantime, would you be able to provide some additional explanation on the different contexts.

In particular:

  1. Static vs Default Context
    Not really sure what the difference is, and when I would use the static context vs the default context.

  2. Client Context
    Does a client asset apply to a single client only, or is this replicated across all clients?

  3. Security
    I assume a hacker has access to, and can edit, anything in a client context. Any other security issues we should consider?