Meme Team Takeover! [April 11-12]

:tada: MEME TEAM TAKEOVER, April 11 - 12

Do you even meme? Prove it! You have ~48 hours to prove you deserve to be initiated into the Meme Team. Make a meme within Core! Join the takeover today, and maybe one day, you too can become a Memelord.

DEADLINE: April 12th, 11:59pm PDT.
HOW: Post your Core memes into #:unicorn:-meme-team-takeover in the Discord.
PRIZE: Selected winners will be knighted with the "Memelord" role with a special color role for the next week.

:fire: Is this... fine?
Yes, it is okay for you to unleash your powers. It could be your own original meme, something inspired by your personal favorite memes, or be a meme from your favorite Core games or streams. The only requirement is that the meme image be made within the Core platform. Make a funny meme, a wholesome one, or a cringy one? ...and submit it! Submit them all!

:sunglasses: Did your boss seriously clear this?
Good question! To find out, you should tune into our Twitch channel, :twitch: CoreLive, on Monday, April 13th at 2 PM PDT. If both I and @Tobs are there, then you will know that the Meme Team Takeover was successful. If not, meme harder in our memory.

:grey_question: How do I meme correctly?
We only knight Memelords who deserve that honor, so don't go breaking the Code of Conduct ( and use your discretion. There are things that are obviously not funny nor fine: racism, discrimination, hateful content, to name a few. If you think something may be greyzone, you should DM it to me before creating or posting it.