Made a Map And Shader. Need A Game

In a dark dystopian world... some kind of game takes place.
This is pretty far from the usual vibe I get from the Core games. But I got inspired to break from the "top 10 trendings" and so I choose to make this map yesterday. If anyone is up to make a horror-inspired (or of that manner - I don't personally like horror games) game I'd like to make a collab.

Be aware that the map uses an Advanced Color Grading Post Process which alters the look of almost everything. Along with a few other fancy ones. I know "shading" isn't the correct technical term for this, but it does make a huge difference on the map.

Anyhow, I hope there's someone out there who understands LUA better than I do and sees a potential in this map.

  • Fexelitche

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This is amazing!

Are you in our Discord server? If not, you should consider joining! We have a lot of helpful people that would love to see what you make and would also be able to answer any questions. You can join here.

I will definitely share this in the server, however, if you do join, you should be able to find someone to collaborate with. We have tons of amazing programmers that would be able to do AMAZING things.

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Thanks man! Much appreciated.

I just became a part of the discord a few hours ago and shared it at the general creator chat. I see a lot of activity is going on there, so I’ll make sure to share there as well.

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Ah. I probably should have checked there first before responding that lmao. Unfortunately, we don't have a channel for finding partnerships/collaborations, however, making a post the collaboration category of the forums and posting the link of that to #general and #creator-general might help the process speed up.