Liquid Decal - Add Collision Detection (HitResult)

I have found some really interesting uses for the Liquid Decal component. The way it wraps around surfaces makes is very useful for many things.

The problem is that it currently has no collision detection, and HitResult ignores it completely. So there is currently no way to determine if a weapon projectile impacted a Liquid Decal. If you could add hit detection to the Liquid Decal, then I can use the decal in a lot more interesting ways.

A workaround is to place a hidden core object, like a cylinder, in the same spot as the decal. The cylinder does detect hits, but it does not wrap around objects like the decal does, so it is really not a viable solution.

I'd be interested to see an example of what you're referring to. Any chance you can make a video of it?

Use Case
An example of a use case is if I had a Liquid Decal on the floor, representing oil. Firing at it with a weapon, I can then set the oil on fire, if the HitResult was detected for the bullet hitting the Liquid Decal.

The problem is that targetImpactedEvent is not triggered when it hits a Liquid Decal. To illustrate that the Liquid Decal does not show any HitResults, simply add a Liquid Decal to your scene, and then shoot at it with the following script in to the weapon.

local weapon = script.parent

function OnTargetImpacted(_, impactData)
    local hitResult = impactData:GetHitResult()

    if hitResult then