Feedback after 1 month (started during OpenAlpha)

I thought I should share the feedback I have after having access to Core for about a month. I haven't had a lot of time with Core, but mid double digits overall I'd guess.

I have my first playable level. It has taken a lot more effort than it should have. What I mean by that is the path I took was born of ignorance and guided by foolishness. I wasn't building a third person shooter, so I ended up tearing out a lot of things I thought I didn't need. I looked at starting from barebones, but that was overwhelming. I went through tutorials and looking through the api. I got tons of help from discord (give Eric a raise). Ultimately I have something that works, but is poorly put together and I'm sure still has some things in it that it shouldn't. I saw a note in the docs about not destroying things on player disconnect causing small memory leaks. I'm currently guilty of that. I have some jittery movement on some physics objects and/or other objects that no doubt have their context set up incorrectly. There are tons of other things that are probably, uh, not right as well. My project is poorly organized. I expect that I will not be unique in this. I guess only the strong shall survive?

This last week I played Cannons and Corsairs for about 3 hours with a couple of friends. I had a 4th friend that I had told that we'd be on. He of course couldn't find us as there's no way to see what games are being played nor any social tools available to find make/find friends. That's a huge thing that has to happen at some point.

I still have tons I want to do with this first game. I've witnessed a bug with my game once or twice but haven't been able to reproduce (I'm crossing my fingers it's a preview only thing). It currently is set up for 2 teams. I want to set it up for 3 or 4 teams, as well, but those will require different levels. That means I'll have to do something like create a portal world where people can choose to go to levels that are for 2 teams, 3 teams, or 4 teams? I also want to add in some background for the current level, but I don't have direction there yet. Tuning and adjusting levels and victory conditions will happen once it's ready to be played.

Speaking of portals, for the moment, I'm thinking about setting up a portal world that has entries to games organized by number of players. So if I am on with 2 friends we could look at games that are okay to play with 3 -- that means player requirement is 3 or less, it's not a team game (since lopsided teams generally are poor experiences), and it's 'fun'. Similar types of constraints of other sized groups planning to play. Hopefully these types of filters get added to the game screen soon.

It's amazing that it does all that it does. It has incredible potential.


Hey OldMan! Thanks so much for writing up the detailed feedback and how your experience was using Core for the first month. It was really insightful-- about what was easy, hard, intuitive, and not-- we appreciate it, and I've passed along your feedback to the team! :slight_smile:

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