Dragon Ball inspired Game Design

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I detected many writing mistakes in my post. However this is about a different battle system.
Super saiyan: Saiyan gains horrible buffs but gets a very long very strong debuff after buffs end.

Saiyan training: Saiyans gain exp only when they take damage to hp.

Kaioken: Saiyan gets a buff but this buff consumes hp until its turned off.

Fighting mode: Weak buff that consumes mana every turn.

Ki storage: Saiyan makes himself weaker and stores ki energy as he is staying weak. He can use this ki when his mana is 0 and ki is used as mana but it has no maximum limit. So stay weak for 6 years than use your ki and go super saiyan than destroy a planet. Than gain horrible debuffs and get fainted. Than start being weak and storing ki again.

Life force: Saiyan loses mana and ki when get hit instead of dying.

Core attribute multiplayers. Your core attribute points will be multiplied by this all of numbers are equal to each other. This is for no cards MMOrpg mod. Mods that use cards use a different mana and card draw system. Battle royal dungeon survival mod modifies everything and make all players nearly equal to each other. So this game has more than one attribute core systems and they are completely different.

Atk:1between2 Hit:2 Dodge(Fle):1 Armor(arm):1 Hpr:0between1 Mpr:0between1 HP:16(-1) MP:16(-1) STd:1 STr:2 Shp:8

Critical hit chance: After you hit target, (Target Arm/Attackers Atk) will be rolled if this crit hit roll is successful you score a critical hit it ignores armor it deals same damage as normal hit so it can deal 1 damage. This system made for breaking full armor builds. Because if someone go full armor there is nearly no way to damage him. Armor builds now need to build dodge because dodge checked twice in this equation. Also if your Atk is high you cant perform crits because it something added for helping to weak. So high hit rate and dodge; and low atk low armor can be abused for this mechanic which adds color to the game.

There is also wrestling mechanic. If someone hits you with melee attack or a skill that specially can start wrestling than you calculate rate of wrestling start. 2XHit/Fle is wrestling start formula so it same as hitting someone twice. After that (Hit)X(d20) determines who will win the wrestling. Person who starts the wrestling automaticly start as +1 win. However you deal damage at +2 win and it is equal to your ATK. At +3 you deal %200 ATK. If you lose wrestling and lose it again enemy can stop wrestling and runaway also wrestling win resets to enemy +1 wrestling level cant be 0; 0 is always skipped. While wrestling you cant regenerate anything and can only use wrestling skills. While wrestling everything will hit both of you and you have your dodges combined. More than one people can wrestle against you. In that case their stats will be added so you can horribly lose but if someone attacks and you get hit everyone will take the damage and weaks will die. While wrestling it is harder to hit you because i wanted wrestling to be slow and boring so while you are brawling your teammates can die. Wrestling damage ignores armor but you have armor while wrestling so you protected from outsider attacks. Wrestling was added for killing high armor enemies also there was wrestling skill that makes you win wrestling more easily but it removed because it kills the fun too much. Also stability and crit added for killing high armors.

Stability: If you get hit too many times you may get stunned. Each turn if you dodge an attack or not get hit you gain stun recovery however even when you dodge attacks you get stun damage and if you get hit you get %200 stun damage. First attack you dodged will not deal stun damage and you dodge biggest stun damage first. Armor doesnt block stun damage and stun system designed for killng too defensive players or bosses. By default if you get hit 4 times in a row you get stunned. Stunned people will only have hp, mp, shp all other attributes will become 0 basically you become open target and completely paralyzed. Stun only lasts 1 turn starts from next turn and will be end after that. Stunned people will not get stun damage for next turn and their shp will be full. Stability makes this game amazing because you may go for stability damage and stun enemies than stab them recklessly so they die very badly. So instead of going one hit kill; you have option to build for balance. Also if you are a tank; you now also need to build stability. However glass cannons and one hit deaths can avoid stability and go for HP instead. Also instead of all this you can try a fast combat quick death build which ends fight before you lose your balance and get stunned. And weak enemies can make you gain your stability because if you dodge attack you will gain stability so teaming up against 1 lonely raid boss can be bad if someone can solo it.

Movement: If you have 1 move that means you will move %50 rate. If you have 2 that will be %33 and after that %50. 3 %25 %33 %50. 4 20. 5 16,66. So let say you have 10 movement that makes with 10/1 rate you will successfuly move. After that you will move with 9/1 rate. Basically in this game moving is random and you can be unable to move. Why? Because you cant be sure that you will successfuly outrun your enemies. Which gives panic adrenaline fear to game. Lets say i kite enemies and slow them down however what if i cant run well and they reach me.

Core Attributes: 4 atk means 1 to 8 damage. 3 hit 1 fle means 6/1 rate hit will land to target. 3 HPr means 0 to 3 regeneration to HP. Why hp regeneration is random? Because you may not want to risk you may want to avoid combat.

Cripple: Sometimes rarely with badluck you get very bad debuffs and this buffs stay until dungeon ends and you rest in home. Will you stay in dungeon even when you wounded badly; will you risk it are you die by greed?

Offensive Defensive Balance: If you look you see damage is very low in this game and hit rate is %66 but an offensive player can only build ATK and Hit so their atk and hit will be very high. Also wrestling and stability damage adds other ways to destroy enemies. And i added armor ignoring critical hit to the game. Also defensive players are efectless. You are a rock staying there i can run faster than you avoid you slow you down. And full defensive person cant even deal damage while you butcher his team he just runs after you hopelessly. Well defensive people can use teamwork skills like buffs debuffs and stuff but most of debuffs based on ATK stat and utility build also requires mana.

Sense Sight Detect Hide: In this game we have 6 senses. It was 7 than became 8 than decreased to 6. Sight, hear, smell, heat, magnetic, spirit. Canceled mind, emotion. Spirit is like magic, life, emotion all nonsense mystical religious stuff. Smart people has high spirit and ghosts. You cant detect zombies and robots with spirit. All of this senses are used for detecting different stuff like level, types, weakness, name, percentage of remaining hp, location of thing. Based on senses which distance what info you get changes. Seeing something is random dice roll and people can have negative hide too. Also each sense has its own hiding stat. Someone can hide his smell but can be loudy easy to hear.

Cooldown: Cooldown is random so 30 cooldown means between 1 and 30 cooldown. Because i hate same stuff so make the cooldown random and you always use different skill combos now. Also when you first start combat or enter dungeon or map you start all your skills in maximum cooldown. So you cant use one hit kill no way to win tricks. Also if someone has 50 skills other poor fella has 2 skills person with 50 skill will spamm all skills and abuse cooldown mechanic. In my system that happens a little bit later. I give people time to play but after that they still die. I wanted to be sure there is no one hit kill no ganging up no zerg fights. So there is also friendly fire with area skills and you can heal enemies. High cooldown means less mana cost. Unlocking a skill slot may cost attribute points because having 50 skill and shooting multiple one hit kill fireballs is disgusting. Will cost of skill slots increase like sense, move, percent mana cost increase. Yes they must be. Because if you have 8 skills you dont want 9th skill also in anime manga video games using 50 skills is not fun and ruins the story of character. You know Udyr has a character a depth in his gameplay because he only has 4 stances. If Udyr becomes a shapeless demon it can be not fun to play. Passive skills will not take slots only skills with cooldown takes slot. So basically game asks you how many cooldowns you can regenerate each turn. Bcause this is a thing. We regenerate cooldowns and there must be a limit how much cooldowns we can regenerate each turn. This can be also a different limit. Let say you have 8 skill slots but can only countdown 4 cooldowns each turn and also each turn maximum count down is 1 for each skill however by paying 2 you can refresh cooldown 1 extra in same turn; well this adds depth to game. Also you can use HP as mana and mana as HP but they cost twice.

Mana Cost: Since there is limited skill slots and cooldowns you will want to make your skills like Malphites ulti. Can be used for running, attacking, stunning, reaching. I am serious. I thinked about making game have balanced tame mana cost like 1 mana give you +1 atk for 1 turn. However than calculated and it is okey. 1 mana may give you +%100 atk for 1 turn. Why? Let say you have 6 points and go for 5 atk 1 hit. Other guy went 3 atk 3 hit. You used your skill 10 atk 1 hit. Other guy 6 atk 3 hit. He has 18 dps he is better than you. Let say 2 4 makes 4 4 it is 16 still lower than 18. So as you can see everything equal is best build. how ever Offensive and defensive must be equal too. If someone build full dodge he will immune critical hits and avoid wrestling also will not take stability damage but if someone hits him by mistake he will die. Which means any stupid low level enemy can kill if you if HP is low. If hpr is low you need to wait for heal. Also i wanted to healing skills to boost Hpr instead of directly healing so low hpr means you get low healing from Priests. There will be also ability skill tree which determines what kind of skills you can unlock and which elements you can use. Like for gaining %500 atk range skill unlock this ability otherwise stuck at %400.

When you atk someone you need to land the hit so your attacks can miss the target. Fle Hit determines this. Default you miss %33 your attacks formula is Hit/(Hit+Fle) or Fle/(Hit+Fle). Let say you have 1 Fle enemy has 68 hit, you will dodge from this attack 1/69 rate which means you will not dodge it.

When you deal damage your damage is always random and it will be between 1 and damage you trying to deal. So on paper you may say throw %50 of my damage to garbage. After that your damage will hit targets armor. Armor is directly subtracted from your damage. If you will deal 3 damage 1 armor makes it 2, 2 armor makes it 1, and 3 armor or 999 armor will make it 0. And armor is like hp and it gets full each turn so if your armor is penetrated all other damages that turn will ignore your armor. Basically high armor is useless. You always want to keep your armor low because too high armor will just block all damage and will make you a stone that noone will attack. If you be too tanky other enemies may runaway from you or try to stun you with debuffs. After that damage will hit hpr than it will hit hp if hp is 0, it will hit mpr than mp. If mp and hp is negative target will become a corpse if it is a player. You can resurrect corpse player. Defend them while they trying to recover. Carry them at your back and lose move speed, become unable to atk. Or throw them to lava. Monsters do not attack to corpse players. I added this because i wanted to let players violate each other.

HPr and MPr is between 0 and its value so you may not recover hp because that makes game more exiciting and risky. I also played Atom RPG and Albion online i really liked ideas. Like minning stuff from map and using them to craft and Atom RPG feels like a real fun to play game so reminds me what a real game must look like.

Movement Speed: on a openworld turn based mmorpg you will have limitless move speed however movespeed and other distance based stuff gets very expensive as you keep upgrading them. We use triangular numbers for calculating cost of run, fly, swim, space speeds and sight ranges will be added on that for calculating how far you can see. However hide points from specific senses will completely hide enemies, you roll random numbers to calculate will you detect them like dodge hit calculation and by default %66 time you will fail to see them also distance affects this so near targets will be easier to detect. However next turn they will be hidden again. If something attacks you, you will see its location and you will have double sight to see it but you may not know what is it if your sights are low and your dice rolls fail.

Copy paste from my old notes: 1xSenses: sight, hear, smell, infrared, magnetic, spirit, 1xRange Movement: 1xLand 2xWater 3xAir 4xSpace

Mind spirit emotion combined in latest version. Mind feels a thinking being, ideology. Spirit feels existence of a spirit, a myterious invisible existence. Emotion feels emotions like anger or cunningness like lie detectors. Magnetic feels electricity and invisible forces. Infrared sight of heat, feeling the temperature. Others, humans have got them.

Triangular numbers always used for limiting the opness. Moving in space is very hard and ranged attacks OP in space. Also someone can hit you from sky and you cant reach. Movement is random so sometimes you cant even move. So you cant always hit and run. And you first move, after that attack. Movement is always lower than range.

In animations people fly with same speed in everywhere. For that we use something called move with 8x cost which means 8 times triangular numbers. Normally it had to cost 1+2+3+4=10x but because of that guy will move slowest and most of game on land and air; that guy is actually wasting too much points just for being a little bit fast in space while being slowest on ground.

Hide: Each sense detects different information about target. Level, element weakness, attack style weakness, stats, percentage of current HP; everything detected by different Sense's and this stuff depends on which Sense's you use more strongly. You can also feel danger or distance of invisible enemies or their number. You may even see location of invisible targets but cant attack them because of they are invisible.

Strongest player in map and game will be shown to you so you can go hunt them but hundreds of players may die for hunting strongest guy. Also there can be no maps for making far away bombarding and running too fast possible which means borderless world. At the end of game you will create randomly generated characters and they will be OP. At rebirth you get +1 stat if you rebirth 10 times that will be +10 and exp you will give will be based on stat points you have got. If a player get killed by player; will drop cheapest item he have got. And after a point all items have nearly same power.

You can see the map but enemies away from you will be always invisible. When you move your movement is random so you may not even move if unlucky, because of that running away is risky. You attack after you move, you cant hit and run. You can increase your attack range. You also need to increase your sight there was 8 senses separately upgraded and hiding stats for special to each senses which makes hiding harder than seeing. 2 hide deletes 4 sense of same type and 1 from a different type.

Elemental resistances in this game doesnt get multiplied, will be added instead. Normally your resistances are +0. If it is +100 means you wil get +%100 more damage from attack. Let say someone will deal you +%400 damage because he is using a skill that increase his damage by +%300 and you are +%100 weak to this element it makes +%400 and basic attack damage is %100 that makes total %500 damage. If you resist to something by -%100 that means you will not take damage unless enemy use a buff or skill that increase his damage let say he will deal %600 damage and you are -%100 resistant you take %500. Because in pokemon we seen a horrible multiplying weakness system and it wasnt fun to play. So i dont want to multiply weakness and resistances. Now copy paste time(There is also negative versions of elements witch turns positives to negative and negatives to positive):


Fire, Electric, Magnetism, Ice, Water, Wind, Light, Holy, Dark, Spirit, Mental, Poison, Earth, Slash, Stab, Smash; 16

FIRE: Hate, chemical reaction with air. Freezing flames. Light. Holy also Dark. -Fire means cooling or killing the flames.

ELECTRIC: Life, magnetism, speed. Holy. -Electric means death.

MAGNETISM: Control, ruling, forcing, dictatorship. Gravity, magnet, bending, telekinesis. -Magnetism = soft attacks that doesnt effect metals.

ICE: Selfishness, energy stealing, cold. Holy and Dark. -Ice means heating.

WATER: Being normal. Liquid, wave, smash. Neutralizer. -Water means drying.

WIND: Gentleness. Gas, storm, lightweight. Holy. -Wind = more gravity.

LIGHT: Being an attention whore. Annoying. Holy. Laser, blindness, radiation, nuclear. -Light = blindness, energy drain.

HOLY: Being John Frederick Kennedy. Suicidal. Blessing, love, help, support, light, flame, death. -Holy = depression.

DARK: Killing everything for fun. Not good. Death, darkness, hate, insanity, murder, poison. -Dark = destroying self love.

SPIRIT: Psychologist. Sensetive. Ghost, life, spiritual, demonic, emotional. -Spirit = emotional breakdown.

MENTAL: Scientist. Smart, logical. Insanity, confusion, losing purpose, not understanding, mind control. -Mental = insanity crisis.

POISON: Cheating, lying, secrets, cadishness. Bug, mutant, soldier. Do not trust and dont drink. Poison, acid, chemical, venom, illness, plague. -Poison = electrolisis.

EARTH: Lazyness. Never moved. Sand bending, avalanche, giant earth elementals. -Earth = fall damage.

SLASH: Heroic vandalism. Believes he is main character. Normal basic sword attack. -Slash = element of god.

STAB: Assassinating, murdering with style. Cunning, determined. Spear stab. -Stab = soundwave.

SMASH: Barbaric brawler. Ignorant, not educated, basic, instinct. Just a basic punch or canon ball. -Smash = element of golden dragon.

There is 16 elements, therefore total of always must be %1600.

Attack Methods

They affect your dodge instead of damage you take.

Melee, Ranged, Bullet, Light, Focus, Sound, Explosion, Earthquake, Air, Heat

-Melee attack that you cant dodge. -Ranged attack that you cant deflect. -Bullet it is slow and heavy attack. -Light attack that designed to break glass. -Focus attack that hard to avoid by tricks; a serious strike that filled with determination. -Sound attack that designed to defeat someone immune to sound; soft things immune to sound. -Explosion attack that hits heavy and strong things very good; giant armored robot slayer thing. -Earthquake storm that destroys light birds. -Air attack that burries rival in land. -Heat an attack that kills cold and hot resistant animals.

When you level up game gives you 2 packages, you have to choose one of them. So you can not build your character, you can only choose 1 of 2 choices. Because if we let players to build their characters they will abuse the mathmatics and everyone will use same build. When you unlock skills same will happen, choose one of two skills. Also you must upgrade your atk and hit and std in order to being able to deal damage. Majority of attributes are defensive and offensive attributes are stronger than defensive attributes.

I also dream about player controlled economy, market system where you post offers, endless crafting system based on combining same item for upgrading it. And some items can be crafted from raw metarials. And an attribute for carrying more items. Also a wrestling system in melee combat. Wrestling skill and wrestling formula. By wrestling combat gets slower and while wrestling you regenerate less hp mp str and wrestling is very random thing. While wrestling cant move and if other players attack you, you answer to them based on default battle rules but you cant attack while wrestling and can only use skills that can be used while wrestling and most skills cant used while wrestling. Monsters always attack to nearest or winning wrestler.

Battle Royal Mode

You go to a dungeon with 7 other players; everything is dark and everyone is hiding. You can get crippled, wounded, disabled so you must be careful. Will you risk it or run away to corner. You have to collect loot, kill other players for extra points and exit from the exit point because you can only exit from exit points. by the way dungeon is filled with monsters and if you do not help to other players you all going to die. You can also lure zombies to other players. Craft items find medicines and granedes. Some skills will buf other players and make them can not attack to you so if you are a priest you can survive by healing other players.

In Battle Royal Mode everyone else nearly same so you cnnot say i am level 100 i kill level 1 noobs. And you use cards. Everyone has same mana, card draw, move speed, attack range. Some cards give you debuffs but increase your max hp. You draw cards by rolling dices. You have 31 cards in your deck and you can add same card many times you want. A single card canbehave like 3 different cards and when ou play it you choose what will you do with it. It may say if you discard this happen if you use it this happen, if you use it without consuming mana this happen. And cards may combo with each other. A gattling shoot may require bullet cards in your hand. Or if you collected Exodia's parts in your hand summon it. Some cards say you can only have 1 of this card in your deck. You can trade cards and they become different cards in hands of different classes. A knights cleave attack can be a robots missile launch card. Your goal is to create best deck by looting best cards and upgrading them by combining with other cards.

Also in this game i decided to use hexagons and where you facing where is your back and sides will edit things; you will see your front better and will dodge harder if they attack behind. And movement will be random so you say i will move 3 tiles but it is actually between 0 and 3 which means it is risky also you move 1 by 1 so you think you will move 6 tiles you moved 3 tiles and you get stuck because you rolled 3 in movement dice and if you stuck in a bad location you may take damage like fire poison magma chasm pit glass shards.

Also there is 127 tags in this game like wooden, robot, turtle, beast, carnivor... This tags work with some passives and skills. Like if target is beast deal +%100 damage. Also that all this confusing things will let you create a unique character.

I am smartest human and i know everything. You will be my friend and i will teach you everything.

I will make you code best video game can possibly made. 8 players go into a dungeon try to find loot and escape from exit point. However they can work together to kill the dragon and after that they can kill their friends to steal their money and you have to go to exit door while carrying heavy greedy loot while zombies run after you. You can level up, memorize the map and know what events can trigger what monster can spawn where when but everything happens randomly. You can manipulate other players or run away while they kill each other. Or lure monsters to other players.

When you die you dont die; you just get tired and will recover after a long time. However players can kill you or help you to get up. While you down, monsters will not attack you. So sometimes you may want to kill someone for sure or leave it disabled and run away from monsters. You can also get wounded and gain very bad debuffs, this debuff can be permanent or long lasting. You can hide from monsters and slowly reach to medicine but they can randomly detect you. Debuffs can disable some of your skills and talents; like you lost a finger and cant use guns. Basicly it is a turn based game but you dont know what will happen and you want to survive, you want to escape and there is other players do all annoying stupid things. Also you use cards and mana and cards are tradeable just like hearthstone because WOW system is repeating combat. But randomly drawn cards are un and random and doesnt repeat to much. So you want to shoot a fireball but you dont have that card than you will use shoulder charge attack instead because you have that card.

There is also ammunition and bombs and crafting. But crafting is just have items start crafting, after random turns crafting is over and item is ready than throw molotov cocktail. Also some players strong against vampires some others are spider hunters but monsters spawn randomly what if your worst rival spawns at top of you. Learn where what spawns try to stay away from danger and get scared when you have to go near to a spawn point. Also you have limited sight, some players see better than others and players can hide in closets or behind boulders. Some players harder to detect some run faster, some stronger, some carry more loot. Characters are unique and randomly generated.

When you level up you cant say i go full damage; game randomly choose 2 things and you choose 1 of this 2. You feel like you developing your champion but actually game randomly developing you and lets you decide between two choices and you feel like you have freedom and tactics but no; everything is %100 random in this game. Game is playing with you, you are the game actually. If we give freedom to player they all will use same cards, same tactics, same build; we do not let them abuse game mechanics; no no no.


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