Core Games Page - Learning From Roblox's Mistakes

Games Page
When you launch Core, I am referring to the main Games page which lists Featured, Top Games, Highest Rated, etc.

The Problem
Roblox has a similar Games Page, and one of the biggest problems is that developers with new games have a hard time getting discovered amongst of thousands of other games on Roblox. When Core grows to thousands of games, it will also encounter this same problem. So the question is what will Core do to give developers a fair chance of getting their game discovered?

Why This Matters
I have known very talented developers that have built very good games, but have quit developing because it is too difficult or too costly to get their game discovered.

What Does Not Work
Once you publish a game in Roblox, the automated algorithms decide how your game is discovered. Some games, even very good games, never make it to the main games page, and thus never become successful. In order to grow the game population, you normally have to pay for placement on the games page, which costs real money and is expensive. Many developers simply cannot afford what it costs to pay their way onto the main games page.

Better Solutions
Curated content, in which real humans from your staff, hand pick games to be featured is an approach that may work. This can work very well, such as how Apple updates their featured apps on iOS on a daily basis.

Another idea is to give developers a limited amount of "tickets" per year, which they can turn in to get their game on the main game page for a block of time (eg 7 days).

The Goal
The goal is to allow quality games a chance to be fairly discovered without having to pay their way onto the main games page.


Hey Maple! Thanks for your detailed feedback. Featured games are self-selected by Manticore, similar to what you said about Apple featuring apps-- though theirs is on a daily basis. We hope to have a regular cadence for choosing games/creators to feature as well!

The idea of tickets is very interesting though, and I've just passed on your feedback to the team.
Thanks for sharing your insight!

Hi Maple. I talked with my team and shared your forum post with them.

For now, I'm happy to say that we've decided to bring back the "New Games" category while we work toward more discoverability and queues. :slight_smile: Thanks for writing a detailed, well-outlined post.

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This is super important. I've seen the same thing on various platforms, great games that just don't have the budget to advertise.

Here are 2 of my ideas on how to better discoverability:

  • Category separation. Have a way to see top fps, sports, arcade, etc. games. Similar to how mobile does it with the various categories you can select.
  • Better search. iOS & Android do a pretty great job at this, Roblox does a terrible job at this. While typing out your search, show a list of recommendations of other results. When you've searched for a game, show "games" over "profiles" first. People will take advantage of this and starting having usernames such as "Best First Person Shooter Game" as their username if you rank usernames first.
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Thank you! Having a fair way for developers to get their game discovered will go a long way in building loyalty and retaining developers on your platform.

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