Bug With Multiple Equipped Weapons & Weapon Spread

With multiple weapons equipped, each with different spread settings, only one of the spread settings is active. It is easiest to see this bug if you have one weapon with no spread, and another weapon with a very large spread, then equip both via the Static Player Equipment component.

I would expect that firing weapon 1 would give me spread 1, and firing weapon 2 would give me spread 2. But what happens is that both weapons have the spread setting of one of the weapons. Only one of the weapon's spread settings is active (depending on weapon load order).

To Replicate:

  1. Create Weapon 1 (with no spread) - assign shoot ability to mouse 1
  2. Create Weapon 2 (with a large spread) - assign shoot ability to mouse 2
  3. Add a Static Player Equipment to load Weapon 1
  4. Add another Static Player Equipment to load Weapon 2
  5. Play the game and shoot both weapons and observe the spread

I had a similar issue when weapon swapping. I'm not sure if it was due to one weapon having no spread and the other having a shotgun spread. I resolved it by making sure the equipment was properly unequipped. Might be not be elegant, but you could probably equip/uneuip when firing either weapon

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I think the problem is in the API implementation. I bet this scenario was not taken into account, and that only the spread of the first loaded weapon is taken into account.

So it may be worthwhile for the devs to take a look at the root API code!