Bug With Homing Projectiles On Client In Multiplayer Mode

In multiplayer mode, homing projectiles on the client do not follow the homing path. Instead they appear to fly straight, as if the projectiles are not homing. Viewed on the server, the projectiles do follow the homing path. So it is just on the clients that the projectiles are not displayed properly.

To Replicate:

  1. For the homing target, add a cube to the scene, and then make it move via one of the mover scripts.

  2. Use the rocket launcher weapon, and add the following script to the weapon make the projectiles home:

    local function OnProjectileSpawned(weapon, projectile)
    projectile.homingTarget = myHomingTarget -- this is the target from step 1 above
    projectile.homingAcceleration = 10000
    projectile.drag = 5

Also Bugged:
A similar issue occurs when I set the spreadModifier for a player shooting projectiles. The client does not see the spread path, and instead just sees the projectiles go straight.

Check out @StandardCombos homing rocket, I believe his was working. I ran into this as well with my Disc Wars game (not using StandardCombo's homing rocket.

Hmm, I swear we were seeing homing. Otherwise this is a known issue and I'll check with @zurishmi on it. I was waiting on that to finish my Disc Wars game

This does seem like a replication issue in that the information is not getting replicated to the clients properly. The projectiles on the server are displayed property, but just not the clients.

And with spread not showing on the clients either, it is probably part of the same problem.

I took a look at StandardCombo's code, and it also has the same issue. The homing works, but the clients do not show the proper homing path.