Better Audio Content Browser Is Needed

With so many audio files in the Core content area, and more to come, I think a better audio browser is needed to play each sound. The goal is to be able to listen to many sounds very quickly to make it easier and faster to find the right sound.


  1. Add a play button next to each sound, directly in the content browser.

  2. For sound sets, show all the included sounds in an indented list, and add a play button next to each one.

  3. Add keyboard shortcuts to play and stop the selected sound in the content area.

Currently, it is far too tedious to play each sound. I need to select the sound, then find the play button in the properties. (Doing this over and over on a large monitor is not fun.) For sets, I need to drag an instance into the hierarchy, and then select a sound from the drop down menu, and press play for each one.