Audio - Allow Ability To Adjust The Playback Speed

For audio, it would be helpful to be able to adjust the playback speed of the audio.

Why This Is Useful
A single audio file can sound very different when played at different speeds. This adds a lot of "new" sounds for free, by just changing the playback speed of existing sounds. For example, an audio file sounds quite different when played back at 2x, or slowed down and played at 0.5x.

Does the pitch field work here? Generally those are tied together except for in very fancy cases.

That is good feedback. As it currently works, 1200 units is a doubling, so you can make it anywhere from 1/4 speed to 4x speed. Note that if you are using the "Play" button in the Properties panel, it will only respect the properties if "Apply Effects" is checked, otherwise you get the default sound.

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I totally overlooked the "Apply Effects" checkbox. Maybe have that checked by default. Thank you!

So I do think that the pitch button will work, now that I can hear the changes!

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I did try adjusting the pitch, but it is very subtle. Sometimes, I can't tell if there is a difference. The units are also not intuitive.

For a speed adjustment, once can immediately tell the difference, such as when you play a YouTube video at 2x. The units are also much more intuitive, since it is just a multiplier with 1x being the normal speed.