Animations at the moment are the most limiting element. Add way more see sugestions inside

Animations are the only element for which we currently have no control at all, so you need to add a lot more to compensate !
I want to make a fantasy RPG game i need all of this:
-Dodging, rolling over, crawling, sliding
-More melee animations: sword / staff / shield / 2 one-handed weapons at the same time (thief gameplay) / parry for all of them.
-More spell casting animations some requiering not to move (high complexity body and hands moving for long incantation spells)
-Player state animations: pain, feared, stunned, asleep, desoriented, incapacitated, blinded, knocked down, burning, frozen, poisoned, bleeding, cursed.

Moreover, do you plan to use procedural animations ?
Exemple 1:
Exemple 2: YouTube

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I would also add: 1 handed wand animations

Thank you both for your suggestions for animations! :slight_smile: