After Publishing My First Game - My Review Of Core

After publishing my first game in Core, I thought I would write a review of my experience in order to provide some feedback to the development team.

Overall it was a great experience working in Core. The API is well constructed, the technical concepts are clear, and kit bashing is fun. I am impressed with Core as a game development platform, and look forward to developing more games.

I feel the API benefits from being a small compact size, which makes learning it faster. I really liked the clear organization, and how well the properties, functions, and events are named. One improvement in the documentation is to make it more clear what the return values are, when there are no results or invalid parameters.

Speed Of Development
I love how fast a game can be developed in Core. My favorite thing is all the frameworks and templates that Core provided out of the box. Game state management, projectile handling, weapon templates, UI states, etc are all so helpful. With such functionality built-in, I can concentrate more on developing the gameplay.

Essential Resources
The API documentation was an essential reference, as was the Examples & Snippets section. I was constantly referencing these two sections, and feel that they are invaluable assets.

Your team has been great in providing support, and should be applauded for their time and effort. I use Discord for quick answers, and then post on the forums for longer and more permanent questions. The forums are really slick, but I do wish more people used them, since I find it hard to follow threads in Discord.

External Editors
One of the best decisions Core made was to allow external editors for coding. There are lots of great editors out there, so why reinvent the wheel? Plus it allows me to jump right into Core with an editor that I am already familiar with. Supporting version control is also a huge benefit. Now if you could only allow debugging from external editors, then that would be a bonus.

Wish List
An inventory system is the one thing which is missing, which I think is really needed. Something which allows the player to open their inventory, move things around, and equip items - like you see in modern games today.

I also felt searching through and playing the audio files was far too tedious, and have recommended some improvements in a separate post.


Maple, as always, thank you very much for the feedback. :relaxed:
I've forwarded your post to the entire Manticore team.

Also, congratz on publishing Gravity Dome! :tada:

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