About Sharing Your Core Creations [Confidentiality Reminder]

You can post screenshots of your awesome creations here! Currently, everyone in Closed Alpha is under NDA and a part of an exclusive, small group to be able to get first access to Core. A reminder to respect the confidentiality and not share any of these screenshots outside of the forums or Discord.

As soon as the NDA is lifted, we will let you know and all of us can be loud and merry together! :tada:

For now, all screenshots, Gifs, and footage should be unlisted, private and not shared on any public platform, including social media.

We also encourage the use tags when you post, eg: #game, #model, #script, #framework, and #utility.

Currently, Manticore Games is in stealth mode with access to Core limited to select individuals.
Please do NOT share anything outside of the forum or discord or with anyone not in Closed Alpha. Everyone with forum access has agreed to the NDA, so you can discuss Core freely here! :slight_smile: