Ability and AbilityPhaseSettings - More Dynamic Properties

For the Ability component, properties such as actionBinding and cooldownPhaseSettings, and for AbilityPhaseSettings, properties such as duration are all read-only. Changing these to read-write would allow dynamically setting these properties for common use case scenarios.

Use Case - Rebinding Abilities To Different Key Bindings
Many games allow you to change the key bindings of your abilities. In an MMO for example, it is common to rearrange abilities on the action bar, thus changing their key bindings.

Use Case - Upgrading Abilities
Another example is upgrading a weapon to have a shorter cooldown period. With a read-write property for duration this would be very easy to do.

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These will be updated at some point. For the phase settings specifically, they were changed to read-only for performance reasons and will be reworked eventually.