4 new editor windows suggestion to massively improve creator user experience (extensive UI examples included)

New editor windows suggestion overview:
[Game manager]

  • Get your core gameplay set up in under a minute
  • Player actions that can be location specific automatically use event player location


  • Easy way to manage all characters of your game to load at any time (with a new character game component)
  • Future support for NPC customization in the same window (model, stats, behavior tree, etc.)
  • Future support for advanced character creator in the same window (select character type, browsing through 100s of heads/hairstyles/clothes, etc.)


  • Easy way to manage all abilities that can be added to any character
  • Easy way to add advanced functionality to the abilities in seconds
  • Ability display component automatically handles icon display in ability order and automatically orients based on screen location

[Template editor]

  • Instant template editing (no more dragging into hierarchy, deinstance, update, delete)
  • Addition of personal templates (no more copying templates from other projects and switching between projects)
  • Custom property array support
  • Variable exposure + panel editor (selecting relevant parameters to show on the main object when added to the hierarchy in nicely organised panels)
  • Reorder custom properties by dragging
  • Configure templates for your game in seconds instead of minutes


  • Hierarchy starts with default groups and templates automatically go in the assigned (sub)group
  • Doubleclicking a template in any of the content browsers adds it to the hierarchy (shows notification on screen)
  • Eliminated hierarchy usage as much as possible
  • Overall massive improvement in easy of use, overview, development speed and also increased possiblities for creators with no programming experience

P.S.: This isn't an exact UI suggestion, it's only an example to show the general idea (it does nicely show the potential of those editor features)


Thanks for your feedback , Punch! This has been passed onto the team. :slight_smile:

Yes, thank you for the thought, detail, and re-posting it here on the forums, Punch!